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Our members:

We have about 37 members in the Brigade.

It’s a healthy number but in all reality the actual number of operational firefighters varies significantly depending on individual circumstances.

It’s important to note that some of the members work in Christchurch during the day so are only available at night when they return home to Lincoln. Others may work in Lincoln during the day and return to their homes in the city at night. Of course, add in firefighters being on holiday, away on business or busy with family and everyday committments, you’ll never get all 30 members available to attend a call at the same time!


Teamwork is a core firefighting skill

If it’s a three appliance turnout we require a minimum of 10 firefighters.

Our firefighters are a diverse bunch of men and women; different ages, occupations and backgrounds.

We include builders, a commercial truck driver, nurse, pilot, university students, lecturers, an accountant, journalist and an agricultural spray contractor.

However our common interest and committment is to assist the community.