Recruit training

Recruits undertaking Entry Technique and Search and Rescue training, NZFS Training Centre

So, you’re interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter?

Much of the information on this page is specific to the Lincoln Brigade so for broader information on becoming a volunteer please take a look at the official NZFS website:

Being a Volunteer

Here at Lincoln, we’re a diverse bunch – we include builders, a commercial truck driver, nurse, pilot, university students, lecturers, an accountant, journalist and agricultural spray contractor – and we’re always on the hunt for good keen volunteers who have the time and committment to assist.

Learning to use Breathing Apparatus (BA) - a key firefighting skill

Learning to use Breathing Apparatus (BA) – a key firefighting skill

First steps:

You begin by undertaking an interview with the CFO and DCFO which is followed by a medical exam and Police check.

Once the paperwork is complete and your equipment is issued you begin your weekly ‘practical’ training as well as undertaking additional bookwork concentrating on the ‘theory’ of firefighting. Training takes place every Wednesday evening and from time to time we have to undertake additional weekend training courses.

You will be enrolled to take part in a 7-day Recruit course at the NZFS Training Centre in

Christchurch. This is an intensive course covering all aspects of firefighting – from First Aid to fire science, extinguisher use, fire suppression, BA use and search and rescue.

Graduation - a proud moment

Graduation – a proud moment

Once completed, you graduate as an operational firefighter ready to ‘ride the truck’ and attend calls with your Brigade.

From this point additional training courses are available for firefighters wishing to progress through the ranks or train in particular skills.

A word of caution

It’s important to remember that being a volunteer firefighter is a big commitment. On top of the weekly training is an expectation that no matter what time the siren sounds, you’ll get to the station to help. You’ll be pushed physically and emotionally by many aspects of the job but the personal, professional and wider community rewards are immense.

Like what you read?

Lincoln is always looking to recruit new members and in return for your service we offer new recruits:

  • developing of confidence and self satisfaction in your own ability
  • self respect from providing an essential and often life saving service
  • leadership skills
  • comradeship within the brigade
    full training in fire suppression and rescue techniques
  • first aid training including defibrillator training
  • a sense of belonging to a community
  •  increased capability to handle stressful incidents

IMG_6381sFirefighting families

Brigade members enjoy numerous social activities, almost all of which involve our partners and families. These are essential for comradeship and to recognise the important contribution partners and families play in offering a Fire and Rescue capability to the local community and businesses.

You do not have to live in Lincoln to be an active Brigade member. If you work here during the day you are just as valuable to our brigade.

Please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit.